Replace All in JavaScript

July 6, 2019


// replaces all underscores ("_ ")with a space (" ")
const result = "replace_all_example_in_js".replace(/_/g, " ");

JavaScript does not have a replaceAll function, that you may know from other languages. But you can use the replace function to mimic replaceAll by using a regular expression.

const text = "replace_all_example_string";

const x = text.replace("_", " ");
// => "replace all_example_string"

// to use a regular expression you have to use a different delimiter for the search argument
const y = text.replace(/_/, " ");
// => "replace all_example_string"

// this uses the `g` flag for the regular expression, which stands for greedy 
// mimics replaceAll
const z = text.replace(/_/g, " ");
// => "replace all example string"

The replace method takes two arguments:

  • search the String or regular expression, that such be replaced
  • replace the (String) replacement for search

By using a regular expression for the search parameter you can easily mimic a replace-all-functionality in JS: by using the greedy flag g in your regular expression, you can replace all the occurrences of your search argument. e.g /_/g will replace all occurrences of _ within a given String.

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